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  • Mother Nurture Network: Toddler & Me
Mother Nurture Network

Join Mother Nurture Network and Beach Cities Health District's AdventurePlex for a six-week session of engaging, interactive, educational and supportive classes intended for moms and their toddlers ages 12-18 months.

Babies Mommy & Me

Date: TBA
Time: 1:45 - 3:00 PM
Pre-registration required (6-week series)
Cost: $195

Join us for an on-going, weekly series of classes that are designed to support mom and baby as they both develop throughout the first year. Our Mommy & Me classes are engaging, interactive, educational and supportive. Classes are facilitated by a highly trained professional with a focus on attachment, the unique developmental experience of babies at each age and stage, and well rounded education related to a wide variety of topics. Moms are supported as they find their own parenting style and philosophy. Songs and fun experiential activities are designed to facilitate a nurtured attachment and learning. The songs will get stuck in your head and likely become part of your parenting life at home.

Topics covered include nutrition, movement, attachment, socialization, sleep, developmental play and so much more. You are not alone in this…there is help, support and other women looking to join you in this journey. Classes meet on the same day and at the same time throughout baby’s first year to allow for moms to move through this journey as a cohort and to foster life long bonds for both mom and baby. Classes are held in Manhattan Beach at AdventurePlex.

Class size is small, limit 10. Please be sure to register in advance. Series can be prorated if needed prior to first class. Please e-mail us at with your unique situation or with any questions.