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Welcome to AdventurePlex's ToddlerTown, a new toddlers-only play zone where kids can get their hands “dirty” down on The Farm; shop for fresh fruits and vegetables in The Market; and explore all the amenities inside The Beach House – each specially designed to make learning healthy habits fun!

Make healthy habits fun

ToddlerTown Rate
Drop-in Play: $17/per child

Includes two hours in ToddlerTown and access to the 5-Level Play Structure and Reading Corner for one child and adult. Participants are required to wear socks if they play in the ToddlerTown.

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Toddlers are encouraged to get their tiny hands “dirty” down on The Farm by raking, planting and harvesting fruits and vegetables in the play garden, and plucking oranges, apples, strawberries and tomatoes straight off the walls.



The ToddlerTown home area gives kids a chance to put healthy food on the table, quite literally! A kitchen complete with a dining table, refrigerator, microwave, cabinets and sink are all included in this play area replicated after South Bay beach bungalows. And did we mention the play fireplace and simulated ocean view? This home is truly where the toddler heart is!



Fresh fruits and vegetables are on every kid’s shopping list at the ToddlerTown Grocery Store – where the shelves are always stocked with healthy foods approved by Beach Cities Health District’s LiveWell Tots and LiveWell Kids obesity prevention programs. Kids can haul their harvested crops straight from The Farm to the checkout stand and gain firsthand knowledge of the organic farm-to-table food cycle in the process.

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